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"Aloe Wound Salve chosen as the Overall Winner."
John Lyons' Perfect Horse (Oct 2002)

Reviews and Case Studies

What Others Are Saying

I used the Aloe-Med Shampoo on my horse's leg fungus and this is the only product I have found that cleared it up! I really liked the way the product left the hair so shiny, in the past I have used Aloe-Dine Shampoo and it left the hair coat very dull and ugly. I also like the using the 3 Step Wound Care System on cases where I can't shampoo.

Amanda J- Phenix Serum Co

I first came into contact with your three-pack wound care system product at Equine Affaire last April. I was slightly skeptical at first, but thought it wouldn't hurt to try. Am I ever glad I did! A horse I was leasing for a college course came up with some saddle sores from another rider. Having only two days til my next riding class, I tried your wound care system. By class time, there were no marks! In addition to this, there is a horse I work with who is notorious for hurting himself (I know, what horse isn't?). He came in one morning with a deep gash about three
inches long underneath his neck. My trainer (who didn't know about your product) started to call the vet, sure that he needed stitches. I stopped her, showed her your product, and applied the first treatment. Amazing results! A month later, you can't even see a scar! We also use our product on our numerous dogs who are always getting into something, and even one dog who suffers from 'hot-spot' allergies. Now if you could only make a wound care system for cats, we would be in perfect shape! Thanks so much for your wonderful product -- it's amazing!!!

Amanda C.
Sabina, Ohio

To make a long story short, our horse put a hind leg thru the side of a steel barn cutting to the bone at the pastern. Unable to keep immmobile our vet suggested a cast. Anyway that was not the answer as the cast rubbed his leg raw to the one, no hide, hair, muscle tissue , etc ALL gone leaving me a sore 4X6 inches and 1-2 inch deep. I called and ordered this product and had a few questions after receiving which were answered. I was told that I would be amazed how this 3 step worked and I was a skeptic. I have to tell you that after 7 applications over a 3 week period, the would is less than 3x3 now and the horse is running on his own power. I can't thank you enough for this product and how well it was explained to me on the phone. I wish I had pictures of the original condition to show.

J. Ryman, Stephens City Va

Wound Care
Sept. 8th, 2002
Shortly after stocking up on Aloe Advantage wound care product - I weaned three babies - the morning after putting them in their "child proof pen" - I went out to feed and found one of the babies with her shoulder layed open.

I immediately began the wound care system - I also took digital photos of the progres.

Needless to say - she survived with just a slight spot on her shoulder which again I attribute to my lacking in the finishing touches of keeping the salve on - but we'll see this spring after she sheds exactly what is left to see - which I still say will be minimal

My husband was aghast at seeing her that morning - sick to his stomach at the wound - but I knew in my heart that your wonderful product would not let me down!! I am pushing the product all I can!! It's nice to be able to have something like this you KNOW will work - and I want everyone I can influence to know about it as well!!

Beth F in AR

Equine Wound Care
Oct. 28, 2002

Hi, Sherry C has been talking to me about your products. Shehas been very impressed. The Aloe Advantage Clarifying Shampoo has really made a difference in her hair.>

On March 23, I was given a Clydesdale. The only thing was she was in very bad condition. About 500 pounds underweight, and her legs had a > really bad case of fungus. She would stomp her feet because they hurt and they had bloody lesions on them. It really looked gross. She wasmiserable. My vet was at the barn when she came in and I ask him what Ishould do for her legs. He just looked at me and said you are not goingto keep that horse are you. You are looking at a big expense. He suggested I use a tube of medication that on a regular size horse would last 10 days and cost $80.00. For this horse he said it would only last 5 days. I started thinking "what have I gotten myself into", but I knew that she was suffering and I wasn't going to throw her away.

The girl that works for me suggested we use a product that her cousin stocks in his feed store,Aloe-Med Shampoo. She said that she met the women that owns the company at the Horse Council in March in Searcy, Ar. She got a bottle and brought it over to try on Sat. March 24. I was surprised to find out that it was the same name brand that Sherry Cox is using. Asbad as her legs were I thought there is no way a shampoo is going to cut this and give her relief.

It has been 12 days now and I can't believe the results. My vet is coming out again tomorrow and I can't wait for him to see her legs. He couldn't believe the difference from two weeks ago. I was so excited that I called you the other night to tell you about what we have been doing. Her legs are just about cleared up. It's unbelievable.

When my vet came back out he said "What did you use?". I showed him the bottle of Aloe Advantage Aloe-Med Shampoo and he wanted to see the ingredients. Hesaid "That is amazing. I need to remember what that is so I can tell some of my other customers".

Now I have another project, Sherry's horse got kicked under her tail, about 4 inches long and maybe 1/2 inch deep. It is probably to old when we found it to have it stitch so I thought I would try your wound care products.

There is never a dull moment around here that is for sure. I care for twenty six horses. Sherry told you that I used the Clarifying Shampoo on my hair last week. Well Ihaven't had time to tell you how my hair felt. I have very thick heavy hair, when it dried, my hair felt light and not thick at all. Several times during the day I would put my fingers though it because it had such a thin feeling. I have used it twice now and am pleased.

Well that is my story and I am really glad that I found out about your products, it has saved me a lot of money and the horses a lot of pain.

Thank you,
Judy H-AR


Milton came in from pasture the other night with a horrible cut on his hip and I thought I was going to have to call the vet. However, I used your would cleaner and treatment and by the next morning he was fine (other than lack of hair). I just LOVE your products!

Amy in Ohio

Your products worked their usual magic! Amy's wound is nearly closed up. From a place the size of a saucer and fairly deep, it has healed to a place about he size of a ping-pong ball. There is even hair trying to grow back on the longest healed parts.

Jane I-Scipio, IN


I have to admit I've never had anything work so well on my horses cuts & scrapes. I noticed a difference overnight.

Amy R in Geneva OH


Aloe Advantage is the best product available for healing wounds as long as you follow the directions. It is very important to use the Phenol Wound Cleanser.

Denn & Carol W in Ozark MO


Dogs attached our show sheep in late December. They were torn up to the point that we did not think they would make it. You could even see the jugular vein through one of the puncture wounds. We used the Phenol Wound Treatment on the wounds. In March my daughter won Reserve Grand Champion with one of these sheep! It is truly an amazing product and we won't know what to do without it...

Fonda B, in De Soto


I had a horse get hurt and tried the Aloe Advantage Phenol Wound Cleanser and Treatment for the first time. I immediately used the Cleanser then applied the Treatment and wrapped the leg wound. Three days later I removed the bandages and was amazed, it was almost completely healed. I am very impressed with the Aloe Advantage products. In fact I use the Sports Rub on myself all the time.

Don West, Have Saddle Will Travel Clinician, CO


"I had a 2 year old Paint Cutting mare try to jump a 5 1/2 ft fence. She came down on the fence in her stifle area making a huge nasty hole. Our veterinarian decided not stitch the area due to continuous movement but recommended we use Aloe Advantage wound care products. The products were so easy to use and soothing to the mare. Aloe Advantage completely healed the area with no scarring. In just 3 weeks the puncture wound went from the size of a golf ball to just a hair line wound. There was hair growth visable at just 2 1/2 weeks!"

Jim White from TX


"I have had great success with the Aloe Advantage Phenol Wound Cleanser, Treatment and Aloe Salve. These products really help prevent any scarring and help the hair to grow back on my Miniature Show Horses. I also use the Aloe Wound Salve to protect my Show Donkey's legs from flies. This is the only product I have found that repels flies and does not irritate their legs. I am a firmer believer in Aloe Advantage."

Brandi from Ft Worth TX


"I have really been impressed with the performance of the Aloe Advantage wound care products. Phenol products are hard to find and this product formula is a perfect blend. I use the products on large and small animal cases. I also like the Aloe-Med Shampoo for skin problems."

Hwy 34 Animal Hospital in TX
Dr David Snyder


We have a seven year old Thoroughbred gelding who went through a barb-wire fence last October. He cut both of his front legs above the knee pretty severely.

We used your products on him on the advice of a vet and several of my "horsey" friends, and he has made fantastic progress - his legs are very nearly healed!

I wanted to write and thank you - I will continue to use your products and will recommend them highly.

Kelly L Fayetteville AR


"I have been using Aloe Salve for the past year. I use it on cuts, scratches, and insect bites, but mainly I use it on my horse's sheath area to prevent insect bites. It works GREAT. When I first started using Aloe Salve, he had gotten stung several times by ground bees. The Aloe Salve immediately soothed the bites and we were able to go out on the trail again the next day."
Equine Wound Care

"My daughter just ordered your products and started using them on her horse's "scratches" on his ankle and after a couple of days, the scabs are coming off and the skin underneath looks nice and healed.

I first started using Aloe Salve afte talking with Mike Gallagher of Durvet, Inc., and he sent me a free jar. It is great stuff, and if you know Mike Gallagher, would  you please tell him thank you for introducing us to the aloe products.

We have recommended your products to Fleet Farm in Lakeville, MN, and hope you can convince them to purchase your products."

Isla Fichtner
Owner of a 16 year old paint



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